bioSKILLS srl

bioSKILLS is a service company founded to provide its customers with basic and advanced skills in life science and biotech area. bioSKILLS achieves its primary objectives by developing original formation initiatives in order to spread relevant knowledge base. The completion of human genome sequencing has opened the post -genomic era, posing new challenges for scientists and opening new horizons for applications in many areas of economy.


bioSKILLS offers services to:

• scientists who need to acquire technical skills in relation to new or different research methods;
• operators of all economical areas who are interested in applying to their own field those methods and technologies which are specifically employed in life science and biomedical research;
• operators and responsible people of public and private diagnostic and control laboratories who are confronting the need fo make qualitative and quantitative determinations on bio-molecules included in investigated specimen.

Our mission

To facilitate progress of biological research and its application in any area, by providing advanced knowledge to all interested operators.

Our services

bioSKILLS pursues its mission by offering the following services:

• basic and advanced information and divulgation seminars;
• theoretical courses and "hands-on" training on laboratory techniques according to a defined program;
• customised training designed and developed according to specific requirements;
• tutorship programs on projects connected with biotechnology.


Favorire il progresso della ricerca biologica e delle sue applicazioni diffondendo conoscenze avanzate.


Ricercatori, responsabili di laboratorio, operatori del settore medico, biologico e biotecnologico.


Seminari, corsi teorici e pratici, training personalizzati e programmi di tutorship.